We offer two iconic brands that embody the values of OPTICADO -accentuating aesthetics, fusing luxury into high-quality fashion. These Include David Jones for the successful and well-travelled man and Agnes B, for the confident and multi-faceted woman of today, to suit every consumer palate and aspirations.

David Jones (DJ) is a 'must-have' for a successful man who is well-travelled and upwardly mobile. He keeps up with the latest in global style and makes an impact wherever he goes. Agnes B is the choice for today's independent, strong-willed and career driven woman. She is confident and not afraid to experiment with her look. She is creative and has a taste for finer things of life.


Innovation never stops at OPTICADO and is at the heart of our very existence. Our team of designers are painstakingly dedicated day and night, in understanding customer choices, fusing luxury into fashion to bring iconic styles that are ahead of its time. Alongside, forty years of experience in eyewear and 100 plus years of experience of our founding team, makes us understand innovation from every aspect, from start to finish.

Our design team brings an understanding of diverse cultural nuances and works with the best-in-class fashion fraternity to bring the latest eyewear in design and fashion. We continue to push the boundaries in innovation to bring the most stylish designs in the eyewear industry.



We aspire to become the best go-to-fashion eyewear brand worldwide. Our vision is to become the second largest eye wear company in India & Asia by 2025 with a global footprint by 2030. Innovation in eyewear is at the very core of our vision.

We will continue to bring the most stylish designs in eyewear inspired by the brightest fashion brains around the world. Our deep understanding to observe and forecast trends, colors, materials and textures, enhances our ability to offer the most unique, stylish, fashioniesta range, akin to none.


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